What is the difference between my current shipping program and the National Drop Ship Program?  
Your current orders are being fulfilled by PTI manufacturing facilities (Chatsworth, Irvine and Tennessee). The National Drop Ship Program will be fulfilled by contract warehouses strategically located to ensure that the top 25 metropolitan cities are covered in 2 days or less, allowing PTi to get the product to you or your customer faster!  
Will the National Drop Ship program cost more?  
Yes, depending on your pricing agreement and contract. However, because of the warehouse locations shipping charges will be lower and your overall per price of the good shipped will be lower and typically arrive faster than you are currently getting.  
Will the product & pricing be the same as it is now?  
The product will be the same; however the box will be unique in order for us     to identify the channel of distribution. The box will NOT be able to be private labeled. The freight can not be third party billed. However, you now will be able to bundle OEM and Reman in one shipment, helping to reduce freight and the number of calls you make. Product will also arrive faster without paying for expediting it. Pre-negotiated shipping charges will also bring down the cost of shipping ground orders too. Pricing may be different for National Drop Ship Orders. Consult with your sales rep for the analysis instead of raising overall pricing we thought it better to leave it a la carte and let the customer make the decision.  
Will all of PTi?s products be available with the National Drop Ship Program?  
Our top sellers are going to be available in the beginning but we will add more as they are needed and requested. Please contact your sales rep with any suggestions.  
Will orders still be shipped blind on request?  
Yes, please make sure blind drop ship is requested when you place an order.  
Will the return process still be the same?  
Yes, the return process will be the same as it stands now.  
Will COD orders be accepted?  
No, all orders must be sold to accounts with terms, credit card or pre-paid shipments. Credit card orders are not charged an additional charge, so please contact your sales rep or customer service to change today.  
Why create this program?  
With the rising cost of freight as well as the current state of our economy PTi is continually looking of ways for it?s dealers to be more competitive. This program will allow dealers to meet the response time their customers are demanding. At the same time this will help increase profits